🌱Welcome to Oases

NFT marketplace with everything for everyone. Buy, sell and discover the internet of goods.

Who are we?

Oases represents the Metaverse, the new oasis of humanity. It also indicates that NFTs, starting as niche collectibles are rejuvenating the art market. Oases, as its name implies, is an open, innovative and vibrant community.

We are committed to providing trendy, engaging and distinctive products and functions to meet the demands of our users.

New features

Oases is a self-designed modular smart contract system, which means that we can upgrade and iterate it independently to realize product functions under the premise of ensuring safety.

  • Advanced NFT Trading Mode: Sellers can list their NFTs on Ethereum through Oases and buyers can trade directly by calling a smart contract.

  • Batch Order Cancellation: Cancel multiple open orders at once.

  • Instant Royalty Payment: Royalties will be distributed to artists via on-chain transfers immediately after a deal closes.

  • INO Launchpad (coming soon): Oases will bring forward a variety of initial NFT offering events together with partners.


Q2 2022:

  • Free NFT Tools: mint, transfer, manage or create a cellection of your NFTs with zero fees.

  • Buy/Sell Fixed-Price NFTs: make an offer to the seller or sell your NFTs for a fixed-price.

  • Truly Decentralized Trading: list and trade NFTs on Ethereum without platform restrictions via the Advanced Mode.

Q3 2022:

  • NFT Crowdfunding: lowing NFT purchasing threshold with decentralized lottery.

  • NFT Deposit: be part of the NFT TVL to share NFT value growth.

Q4 2022:

  • Incentive Events: reward long-term supporters of Oases.

  • Oases Builder Programme: higher status and rewards come with higher contribution.

  • Reduce Gas Fees: contract & product features optimization.

Q1 2023:

  • Efficiency Tools: help artists to better mint and manage NFTs.

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