How to Connect Qtum Wallet on Oases

1. Download and Install Wallet

  1. Download the wallet plug-in from the official Qutm website, select the corresponding link based on the browser version (we used Chrome here as an example), and then unzip. Please use a wallet version later than Alpha 10.

  1. Click "Manage Extensions" on your browser.

  1. Click "Load unpacked", turn on "Developer mode", and select the package you just unzipped in the "Downloads". When you select the package, you'll see that the plug-in is installed.

  1. You may pin the extension for ease of use.

2. Import/Create a New Wallet

Click the Qnekt plugin to enter the activation process and follow the steps to import or create a new wallet. Please contact the Qtum team if you have any questions.

3. Connect Your Wallet

Enter, click "Connect", and select "Qnekt" as your option.

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