How can buyers participate in Seedpad?

1. Select a project

You can see a list of Seedpad projects by clicking on the Seedpad section on the homepage or the Seedpad button on the navigation bar at the top of the page. On the left hand side of the Seedpad page, you can filter projects by the current status of their progress. By clicking on each project, you will enter the project page where you can find all the information on the project including the details of the sales process.

2.Buy a ticket

You can see the start time, end time and the number of tickets for sale on the project page. Tickets can only be bought for collections within the active selling time and are not yet sold out. On the project page, select the number of tickets you want to purchase, pay after double checking the purchase information, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

3.View the Purchase Record

On the project page, you can view the tickets that have been purchased. You can also go to your Oases profile page and view your purchase history under the Seedpad tab.

4.Waiting for the NFT draw

The system will automatically display the results of the NFT draw after the sale time expires. See the NFT Draw Rules for details.

5.View the NFT draw status

You can view the winning list on the project page after the system finishes the NFT draw.

6.Claim my NFT

If you win, you can claim your NFT on the project page or your profile page.

7. View and claim royalties

For each purchased ticket, you will automatically be allocated the pre-defined share of future transaction royalties of the corresponding NFT collection. You can enter Profile-Seedpad at any time to view and claim your royalties. Unclaimed royalties will be stacked over time until claimed. Note that Oases only supports the sharing of royalties generated by on-chain ETH transactions. Stacking royalties will therefor be more gas and cost effective.

Example: The issuer offers 200 tickets, and you buy 2 tickets. The issuer set the royalty to 2.5%, of which 1.5% is shared with the holders of tickets. If the sale amount of a certain NFT is A, you will be allocated A*1.5%*2/200 after the transaction.

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