How to get the points

You can get rewarded with points for the following actions on Oases.


List NFTs

  • Your NFT belongs to a verified collection and has been listed on Oases for more than 24 hours.

  • You will only be rewarded once for a single NFT of the same address. (For example, Address A sells an NFT to Address B, both A and B will be rewarded. If Address B sells it back to Address A, and Address A lists this NFT for sale again, Address A will not be rewarded.)

  • Up to 200 points per address per day (UTC+0).


  • Your NFT doesn't belong to a verified collection but has been listed on Oases for more than 24 hours (UTC+0).

  • Up to 10 points per day.


Trade NFTs

  • Both buyers and sellers are rewarded for trading NFTs.

  • Up to 1,000 points per day.


Invite Friends

  • Invite a friend that has not participated in Oases Greenland and both you and your friend will get points. (Your invitation will be successful only after your friend connects the wallet to Oases and lists or trades an NFT.)


Sign in

  • Sign in every day.

  • Sign in for 3 consecutive days, you will receive an extra 30 points on the third day.

+10/day+30 (extra bonus on the third day)

Mint and List NFTs under the Advanced Mode

  • Mint and List NFTs under the Advanced Mode. (What is the Advanced Mode?)

  • Up to 500 points per day.


First sign-in bonus for experienced users

  • You will receive 500 points if your trading volume on OpenSea, LooksRare, or X2Y2 exceeds 2 ETH in the past 6 months from your initial participation in Oases Greenland.

  • Points are valid for 7 days after initial participation.


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