Getting started

Getting Started with Oases.

Last Updated: 2022.6.10


1. Install Your Wallet

Oases is deployed on the Ethereum network and you will need a crypto wallet to interact with Oases. Oases currently supports MetaMask and TokenPocket. Note: Assets stored on crypto exchanges can not be used on Oases. Please go to the website of the above wallets to install the wallet.

2. Connect Your Wallet

  1. Click the "Wallet" icon on the right top corner of the Oases website.

2. Select the wallet you want to connect to.

3. Approve the wallet to be connected to Oases. Please check the URL carefully before finishing the approvement.

3. Create Your Profile

Once you have connected your wallet, an Oases account will be automatically generated with a default nickname and a profile picture. You can edit your profile by yourself.

Edit Your Profile

After connecting your wallet and initializing your account, you can go to the Profile page.Click the "Edit my profile" button.

You can edit the following information:

  • Profile picture

  • Name

  • Bio

  • Banner

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