Oases Greenland

It's a story about...

Imagine a world where frequent destructive activities of humans have caused climate abnormalities, ecological damage, and shrinking habitat for life. While facing major survival challenges, humans found the last piece of unpolluted land and named it Oases Greenland. Humans are determined to re-plant trees on this land, raise animals, and rebuild their homes. You are invited to participate in the construction of the Oases Greenland. Plant a tree, and you'll be eligible for rich rewards. If you log in to the Oases Greenland, you will receive a seed of the Greenland tree. Every day, there will be airdropped “water droplets”, which will be counted as Points and rewarded based on your activity and engagement on the platform, including but not limited to daily sign-in, NFT minting/trading, referrals, etc. Your tree will grow and upgrade as your points accumulate. Join Oases and grow your own Greenland tree now. More wonderful stories and benefits are waiting for you to unlock!

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