How to Sell an NFT

1. Sell an NFT for a Fixed Price

  1. Go to your Profile page after connecting your wallet. You can view all the NFTs you own on the "NFTs" page. Select the NFT you want to sell, click on the three dots (···) on the lower right corner of the NFT, and select "List".

2. A pop-up window will appear. Select "Fixed Price", and set the price you want to sell your NFT for.

3. Finally, confirm the listing information in your wallet.

2. Open for Bids and Accept Bids

  1. All NFTs are open for bids automatically.

  2. To view all the offers on your NFT, you will need to go to the page of that NFT or go to the "Profile-Offers-Received" page.

3. If you want to accept one of the offers, just click "Accept", confirm the corresponding price in the pop-up window, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

3. Advanced Mode for Sale

By selecting the Advanced mode, you can sell NFTs minted on the Ethereum mainnet at a fixed price without listing them in any other NFT marketplaces. Anyone can buy your NFTs by calling a smart contract.

  1. Any NFT minted on Oases can be listed via the Advanced mode. You can switch between the Basic and Advanced modes anytime before an NFT is sold.

2. In Advanced mode, enter the fixed price and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

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